Just show me the colors

A Javascript library to color all the CSS3 colors on a webpage.

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I often run into websites which post colors in codes (like #d51087 or plum) but do not tell me what those colors look like.

To see these colors, I would use another tool or a different website which will translate a HTML color code to the actual color.

So I created Just show me the colors which can show me. Click on the button below to see them.


Just drag and drop this link to your bookmark bar: Show Me The Colors.


Live Demo

Use as a library

Include the JS file on your page and then a simple call justShowMeTheColors() will replace all CSS3 colors present in the DOM in place with spans which show the color.

I have tested it on IE7, Firefox 28 and Chrome 29. It probably works on older versions without any problems as well.